نحوه تردد ایرانیان خارج از کشور - English

a. Military service buyout exemption

1. The final date on execution of the regulations approved in 2006 regarding military service buyout has been determined by 22/Aug/2012 and its execution has been stopped as of 23/Aug/2013. Therefore, the applications registered by the Iranian overseas missions by the end of 22/Aug/2014 and been submitted to this organization by 22/Sep/2013 by the general administration of the Iranian affairs may be processed. 2. The applications registered by the overseas Iranian missions after 22/Aug/2013 and/or submitted to this organization after 22/Sep/2013 may not be processed.

b. Travelling to Iran

1. All the Iranian males subject to military service residing overseas who have had resided abroad for at least 3 years may travel to Iran maximum twice a year and totally 3 months (the conditions of residing abroad have been given in clause c). 2. In order to receive travelling permission, the Iranian males subject to military service residing overseas shall refer to the Islamic Republic of Iran mission in their place of residence and have their passport sealed by the seal of travelling stipulating ?permission to travel of Iranian males subject to military service residing overseas? after being proved as qualified for the same. meanwhile, in the text of the travelling permission, the number and date of notification of the general headquarters of the formed forces shall also be documented. 3. Those Iranian males subject to military service who exited the country regarding the execution of the relevant regulations to continue their studies and have student exemption overseas are not subject to this approval and shall take benefit from student exemption travelling facilities as the case may be, 4. Sons of the permanent government officers overseas subject to military service who have the permission to exit the country issued by the conscription organization due to living with their parents are also not subject to this approval and may travel to Iran within the term of mission of their parents as per the issued permission. 5. Those subject to clauses 3 and 4 shall be treated as per this approval in case being out of the scope of the regulations related thereto, in case of having at least three years of residence abroad. 6. The expiration date of implementation of this approval shall be by 20/Mar/2017.

c. Residing abroad

Those subject to clause (b) who resides abroad as per the following conditions are subject to the travelling regulations:

1. Having at least three years of residence overseas continuously just before the time of applying for travelling permission 2. Residing abroad shall per year shall not be less than 9 months (9 months residing abroad traveling to Iran for three months are considered as a year of residence). 3. In case the 3 years of overseas residence of the person subject to military service has been within a couple of terms, then the continuity between the years of residence with at least 3 months of residence per annum been kept (such 3 months is merely to keep the continuity of the years of residence and is not calculated in the 3 year residence) For instance, in case a person subject to military service resided 11 months overseas in 2008, 3 months in 2009, 9 months in 2010, 4 months in 2011 and 9 months in 2012, then as his residences in 2008, 2010 and 2012 have been at least 9 months and his years of residence continuity has been kept by at least 3 months of residence between 2008 and 2012, therefore, has shall be subject to the regulations on travelling to Iran, 4. In case any male subject to military service has resided overseas for at least 3 years within the past couple of years while its continuity until the time on asking for travelling permission has not been kept, i.e. more than 9 months has been the intervals between the previous residences until the time of application for traveling permission, then his previous residences cannot be included. 5. Residence at the age of being subject to military service or before that is not important. 6. Those subject to military services whose traveling to Iran are more than twice or 3 months a year shall be out of the scope of this approval. NOTE: regarding those having special conditions, their status shall be examined in a commission composed of the representatives of ministry of foreign affairs, passport administration of the president?s office and police conscription organization and if approved, their travelling to Iran may increased for maximum once more or up to another three months.